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What is the name of this game? | 2011

Installation - What is the name of this game? - 2011

The theme is the search for new ways through a maze of diverse states of being throughout a lifetime.
„What is the name of this game? “  Is an installation constructed for the floor, set up as a maze, where there are two routes that lead to two exits. The theme of the installation is the search for the path to happiness. The paper figures „the beer people“  represent a society on the search, with self-determination and individuality, questioning fate, coincidence and observation leading through the game of life. Hundreds of tissue paper rings are inscribed with numerous keywords written in English and German. Words such as action, trust, friendship, coincidence, dreams, sexuality, competition, love, doubt, shame, courage, spirituality, all of these words all have a relevant influence for the state of being and for the forthcoming and the quality of the present experience in life. These paper rings are all attached to wires that are set up in flag like positions throughout the maze pathways. Hundreds of figures have been placed throughout the complete installation, in diverse poses full of movement and expression. The maze is made out of cardboard coasters, printed with the binary number code, symbolizing our computerized era. Each figure is an original torn and folded to form out of one single tissue paper ring, this tissue paper ring is a valueless mass product used as a drop absorber for a beer glass, a german tradition. The color scheme is strictly held in three colors, light blue, pink and white.

The materials for the maze are paper, wire and the base is made out of wood on a metal frame.
Measurements: 2 meters x 2 meters, Height 30 cm

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