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The idealist | 2009

The idealist - 2009 

The idealist symbolizes the instigator for another visionary dimension, promoting freedom of thought and action, representing independence and individuality in a uniformed and globalized world. The idealist is a non - conformist who seeks individual fulfillment through creative expression, confiding on a natural instinct, aware of individual needs and personal values with the objective to accomplish inimitable and genuine authenticity.

The sculptural installation presents the Idealist positioned in a glass ball, that is mounted on a round gold gilded pedestal. The Idealist is sanding in a victorious pose in front of the„ One Million Dollar Kassel Note"  that hovers in the background. This note bears the image of the Idealist placed in the center, representing a president of immeasurable value, a central figure in this series of works with the paper figures „the beer people.

The "beer people“  are created out of the valueless paper tissue product, the drop absorber that is usually attached to the bottom of a fresh taped beer glass to absorb the excessive foam drippings. In the German beer culture, these tissue paper rings are a tradition named (Tropfenfänger) that is where their name originates from. Each figure is an original, torn and folded out of one single paper ring, with no additional components except the toothpick on the back side for stability. The stacked and unfolded tissue paper rings represent the masses that are just waiting.

These figures have been created to symbolize an individualistic, confident, hopeful society observing mankind through the course of time.
The“ beer people“ function as a playful expedient supporting the narrative aspect in this series of works.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau: „The Social Contract“
An individualist enters into a society to further his or her own intrests, or at least demands the „right“ to serve his or her own intrests , without taking the intrests of society into consideration ( an individualist need not be an egoist)

Year of production: 2009, Materials: Paper, Glass, Goldleaf, Measurements: 95 x 14 x 14 cm




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