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Walking on the moon | 2018

Installation - Walking on the moon - 2018
The room installation “Walking on the moon” was created for the exhibition, "There are no limits “ in 2018. The theme is the exploration of unknown terrain, curious and hopeful on the search for new perspectives, inspired from the first moon landing of the Apollo in the year 1969. This mixed media installation is set up as a construction combining photography, luminescent objects and sculpture.
The paper figures “the beer people” are once again in focus, where they are placed in transparent luminescent spaceships that hover over the moonscape, where the first footprints of mankind can be viewed in the sanded surface of the installation. The atmosphere of the installation is mysterious and dark, the figures that are shown on the photo are on their way to occupy the moon in peace. The background photo is a large - scale photo of the earth and sparkling stars, in a universe of the far unknown. The paper figures represent an inquisitive and positive thinking society in a cognitive state, searching for a new future with new forms of insight from a complete different perspective, leaving the earth behind with a view from afar.

Year of production 2018
Materials: Photography, Paper, Sand, Styrofoam, Wood, LED lighting
Measurements: 300 x 300 x 160 cm

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