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Multimedia room Installation, Sculptural Installation These installations are mixed media works, they combine photography, sculpture created in paper and wood, texts, video, light and music. These works are narrative and contemplative, exploring issues of consciousness on a parallel level of personal reception.  
Music is an essential component deployed to motivate the viewers` emotions and imagination. 

Sculptural Installations - Where is the good ? - 2022 
Created in 2022, the inspiration behind this work is the song “Circle of destruction” that Dolores Flores wrote in 2011.
These lyrics are ever present and function as a guide through all the works in the exhibition, Where is the good, where has it gone?
The theme is the observation of this world and the state it in, with a critical view in times of distress and full of extremes, though the main focus is on hope.
Dolores Fores combines fragments of her poetry and lyrics that are transposed into the binary number code, with this concept emphasizing the computerized and digitalized era that we are living in. In this sculptural work, Where is the good ? created in wood and paper, the surface of the paper carries these printed transposed texts. A continuing theme in the works from 2017 to the present, is the stairway as a construction in levels, steps up and down leading to what? Perhaps the consciousness of the moment and the search for new perspectives.
Hundreds of paper figures are integrated in these works, each figure is an original. Flores created these paper figures many years ago and named them the "beer people", their name originates from the material that they are made of, the drop catcher (Tropfenfänger) for a beer glass to absorb the foam drippings. They represent an idealistic, hopeful and positive thinking society. Each figure is torn and folded into form out of one single paper ring, with no additional parts, except the toothpick that is attached to the back side for stability. These paper figures “the beer people” are once again the protagonists that are on the search for answers, where the future is open and full of difficulties and new challenges. Flores has been working with these paper figures, since 2007, for every exhibition a new generation is produced, 8500 figures until now.

Year of production: 2022
Materials: wood, paper
Measurements: 157 x 57 x 40 cm

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