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Upload - Download - Overload | 2007

Installation - Upload - Download - Overload - 2007

The Installation and video Upload, Download, Overload was created in the year 2007. The theme is a critical view of society in times of massive change combined with the dilemma of globalization, an information overflow and an ever-growing population. Cultural, ecological and social problems are repeated over and over again, leading to confusion, mass consumption and self-destruction. Hundreds of paper figures in the installation are dancing representing a society that is torn between distraction and entertainment, addicted to mass consumption happy-go-lucky, looking for ways to numb the pain in this difficult era.

The single figures in the video are the protagonists that tell a critical story about the observation of our society with a warning of what they see, one of the most important questions is,” Is their evolution just a revolving door? ”  is one of many questions asked in the video. The paper figures “the beer people” are all originals created out of a valueless tissue paper ring, a traditional product (tropfenfänger) in Germany produced to absorb the foam drippings attached to the bottom of a fresh taped beer glass. Each figure is torn and folded to form out of just one paper ring, then attached to a tooth pick for stability. They function as a playful component in this series of works. The music for the video was composed and produced in collaboration with M.D. Kettler.

The material for the installation: paper, wood, styrofoam, paint.
The measurements of the installation are variable.
The duration of the video is 8 min 45 seconds.


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