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Fear | 2009

Installation | Fear | 2009

Fear is a luminescent installation created in 2009. The theme is fear, is it a projection of society or an attribute of mankind? In a world full of change, the ongoing technical development and networking, the insecurity of society is evident. The perception of fear exists in many forms : war, environmental catastrophes, the emigration of nations, over population, a pandemic situation, all of these factors create a global fear that is present in our consciousness in daily life. In this installation, the shadow functions as an important component, as the shadow of fear that will always be present in this world. The materials of this installation are copper wire, paper and one spotlight. The spotlight is installed with two meters distance producing an exact shadow from the figures revealing the word fear on the background wall. Hundreds of paper figures are installed, to the copper wire construction in the form of a globe, these figures are placed on specific spaces throughout the sculptural metal form. These figures are all originals, full of expression and movement. Each one is torn and folded out of one single paper ring, this paper ring is a German tradition in the beer culture. That is why these figures are named „the beer people“, representing a hopeful and positive thinking society.

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