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The solo vocal and guitar performances from Dolores Flores, are an experimental and melodic combination of her lyrics, texts and poems unified into a performative context, for her diverse room installations and exhibitions since 2011.

The newest musical project “The Unfamiliarnaires” was founded in 2021 together with Marius D. Kettler, they combine electronic and analog techniques.

As a duo, they have been making music together since 1992. They have produced conceptional music for exhibitions, performances and art videos. Their sound is analog, combined with electronic sounds and field recordings. Dolores Flores writes the lyrics and poems, sings the vocals, plays the electric and acoustic guitar and bass. Marius D. Kettler plays the drums, keyboards and the flute. He does the sound engineering, production and creates experimental sounds. Their repertoire ranges from melodic melancholic poetic chanson pop to experimental spoken word, atmospheric soundscapes to alternative rock and folk songs. Influenced from classical music to punk rock, from folk to jazz and chanson, all of these components play a role in their music. Dolores Flores and Marius D. Kettler have performed live together and with various guest musicians throughout Berlin in galleries and venues such as Franz Club, Pfefferberg, Boudoir, Live Club and Fête de la Music and many more. Since 2022 they are now recording new songs and producing video footage for future music videos.
The Unfamiliarnaires
A new tomorrow      Marius D. Kettler / Dolores Flores

Audio Hörproben

Passing Away
Soundtrack, Life Signs, Room installation, Dolores Flores, Five phases of life,...
Pink Sunglasses
Soundtrack | Life Signs | Room installation | Dolores Flores | Five phases of life, from...
Childlike Preachers and Teachers
Soundtrack | Life Signs | Room installation | Dolores Flores | Five phases of life, from...
Jack the stripper
Jack the Stripper ARTkustik | art into music | Dolores Flores
Renies Requiem
ARTkustik Renies Requiem | Dolores Flores

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The Unfamiliarnaires are the artists and musicians Dolores Flores and Marius D. Kettler, formerly known as ART kustik. As a duo, they have been making music together since 1992.

Their first CD ART Kustik art into music was produced in 1999, analog and recorded live, including a video production for the song “Sacrifice”.


The second CD titled ARTkustik Life Signs was a soundtrack produced for the exhibition, Life Signs created in 2002 – 2003. A text relief room installation from Dolores Flores. artkustic life signs

The theme is a contemplative view on life and the various phases of development, starting with birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood ending with seniority and death. One text, five songs, composed in diverse styles, to represent five different phases of life.

Embryo is the first song, it begins with the heartbeat of an unborn child, a live recording. This heartbeat, functions as the main beat, the poem is spoken clear and direct, in a secluded atmosphere, it all begins with birth. The next songs are titled to diverse phases of life: Childlike, Preachers and Teachers, Pink Sunglasses, Try in time, Passing Away.

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