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Dolores Flores is an interdisciplinary artist, poet and musician of Mexican American / German descent. Born in Berlin 1964, raised in Northern California, U.S.A.

1981 founding of first punk band and diverse lyrical music projects Since 1983 living and working in Berlin and Lower Saxony Germany From 1983 – 1986 Studies of the traditional techniques of wood sculpture, painting, polychromie and gilding. Member in the Berliner professional Artists Guild BBK since 1990. Since 1991 diverse music projects, in collaboration with Marius D. Kettler: Schlagmetall, Spielothek, ART Kustik, QchiQ and The Unfamiliarnaires. Past exhibitions and projects include various solo and group exhibitions, diverse solo music performances, live concerts, video and music productions.

Dolores Flores works with diverse media: Installation, luminescent Objects, Sculpture, Text Reliefs, Video, musical audio- visual room installation and Vocal performance. Her musical work ranges from poetic melodic songs, to spoken word sound compositions. She speaks and sings her texts, in both languages English and German. In all of her works the narrative and contemplative aspect is omnipresent, exploring issues of consciousness, focusing on society, evolution, time, transiency and personal space.
Selected past exhibitions, projects and concerts:


“It is the ALL in the great and the small” (S)  | Luminescent Object Boxes, Photography | 06.12.2023 - 03.03.2024 | a.i.p. project - artists in progress galerie Berlin

“Zwischennutzung” | Collaborative exhibition with M.D.Kettler | Paper works: Serigraphy, Objects, Installation | a.i.p.galerie, Berlin

“It is the ALL in the great and the small” (S) | Luminescent Object Boxes, Photography | Max Planck Institute for Complex Systems, Dresden

“Where are we now?” (S) | Photography, Luminescent Object Boxes, Objects | CANVAS Galerie, Berlin

“Re-viewing” (S) | Works from 1997-2009 Paintings, Sculptures and Reliefs | CANVAS Galerie, Berlin

“Where is the good, where has it gone?” (S) | Luminescent Object Boxes, Sculpture, Photography, Objects | a.i.p. galerie, Berlin
Video production for the song “As time walks by” from The Unfamiliarnaires

23. Prolog Magazine for Drawing and Text Contribution of “Beer people” | Comic “Reconstruction”, and Text
“Somewhere inbetween” |  a personal view in times during Corona pandemie.
11. Kunstpfad Peine | Sculptures | Kunstraum Malerhof, Voightholz

2020 Founding of music project “The Unfamiliarnaires” with Marius D. Kettler

“There are no limits” (S) | Installation, luminescent Object boxes. Live performance to the video
“A dark full moon night” | a.i.p. galerie, Ahnsen
“Seek to find” (S) | Installation, luminescent Object boxes | a.i.p. galerie, Berlin

“Head in the clouds” (S) | Installation, Luminescent Object boxes, Photography | Kultur Boden, Scharnebeck
“Aus dem Archive I” | Works from 1992 – 1994 Paintings, Sculptures and Reliefs | Collaborative exhibition with M.D. Kettler a.i.p. Südheide, Ahnsen

10. Kunstpfad Peine | Sculptures, Luminescent Object boxes, Installation | Kunstraum, Malerhof Vogtholz, Museum Peine

“Super Power Woman show Nr.2” | Solo Vocal / Guitar Performance “three songs for now” | Luminescent Object | Project Room Ventilator, Berlin
“Destination is unknown” (S) | Luminescent Objects, Installation, Paper Objects | a.i.p. Südheide, Ahnsen, a.i.p. galerie, Berlin

“The reflection” (S) | Retrospective solo exhibition works from 1986 – 2016 | Sculpture, Paintings, Installation, Objects, Video, Music  | a.i.p Südheide Ahnsen

Founding of music project “QchiQ”

“Glück und Zufall” (S) | Multimedia Installation, Paper Objects, Video | a.i.p.Südheide, Ahnsen

“Play it by ear” (S) | Luminescent Object boxes and Paper objects | a.i.p. galerie, Berlin

“The spirit and the moment” (S) |Concert and exhibition of Object boxes | Solo concert “The Mellow Moment” Kabinett im Museum, Berlin


“Freunde der galerie” | Object Boxes | Galerie Kuhn & Partner, Berlin

“Papier” | Luminescent Paper Objects | a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin

Solo Concert in the Cario Bar Kotka, Finnland

“Amplitude of thought” (S) | Multimedia Installation and Objects | a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin

Solo Concert for Fete De La Musique in front of Bikini Haus Berlin.

“Sculptures” (S) | Sculptures | Palace Hotel, Berlin

“Sterne” | Group show (Objects) | Walden Kunstausstellungen, Berlin

”Ping Documentation 12 Kassel” | Collaborative exhibition with Marius.D. Kettler, parallel to Documenta 13 | Mulitmedia sound installation, paintings, luminescent objects, serigraphy | Treppenstrasse, Kassel

“Random” | Luminescent Objects | a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin

”Random II” | Luminescent Object boxes | Schiller Palias, Berlin

“Out of structure” | Group show: Installation, Video, Objects | Walden Kunstausstellungen, Berlin

“Sketchbook Project Tour” | Paper relief sketchbook contribution | Seattle WA, Austin TX, Portland ME, Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, San Francisco CA, Washington DC, Winter Park FL, Brookyln Art Library, New York, U.S.A.
“What is the name of this game?” (S) | Installation, Video, Luminescent Objects | a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin

“ International Audio art music Festival“ | Solo Vocal / Guitar Performance to the installation and video to ..............................
“ Expectation and Acceptance" | from M.D. Kettler  | Gallery Suomestra, Walden Kunstausstellungen, Berlin

„KLAR“ | Installation and Paper Objects | a.i.p. galerie, Berlin

„Kunst in der Krise“ | Solo Vocal Performance “ We are in the money” , for the Money Factory Project and the production of the one million dollar note featuring “The Idealist” | Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

„The Past and the Present“ | Collaborative exhibition with M.D. Kettler | Sculptures, Reliefs, Paintings and Objects a.i.p. galerie, Berlin

„Contributive Contrarians“ (S) | Installation / Luminescent Object boxes | a.i.p. galerie, Berlin
„Objekt Farbe“ | Video, Text-reliefs | a.i.p. galerie, Berlin

„Berliner Kunst Salon“ | Installation, Luminescent Objects | Art fair, Berlin

„One life to live “ (S) | Installation / Object boxes | a.i.p. galerie, Berlin

“219168 Hours” | Documentation of collaborative works from 1986 – 2008 Flores / Kettler Video, Music, Installation
ARTkustik Concert Live performance to video “Cold Stone Walls” | a.i.p. galerie, Berlin
„Intimität und Entfremdung“ (C) | Installation  | Museum, Museo para la Identidad Nacional (M.I.N.) Honduras

“Berliner Liste” | Installation / object boxes | Cumberlandhaus, Berlin

„UND #3“ Karlsruhe | Installation / Objects Platform for independent art, Karlsruhe

“Abstract Structure” | Sculpture / Paintings | Exhibition with P. Kaminsky a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin


„Upload, Download, Overload“ (S) | Installation / Video / Objects | a.i.p. galerie ,Berlin
„Intimancy and alienation“ (C) | Group exhibition | Installation MARTE Art Museum, El Salvador

„a.i.p. Documentation“ (C) | Group exhibition: Installation / Video / Objects | Group exhibition parallel to Documenta 12 Treppenstraße, Kassel
Solo Concert “ One night in Kassel”

„Walking the fine line “ (S) | Luminescent Relief / Sound Room Installation | a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin
ARTkustik: music production for audio visual room installation

“Polarität ll” | Group show

ARTkustik project: Mixed media music / sound project presentation | a.i.p. galerie, Berlin

Schlag Metall radio play | ”Sound pirates uncensored”


„Beauty is in the eye of the beholder“ (S) | Installation / Gold Stone Editions | a.i.p. galerie, Berlin

“ 3 x 3 “ | Drei Bildhauerinnen, drei Bildhauer group exhibition small scale sculptures with R. Kriester,Bucco, G. Beck, G. Zebe, J.C.Joost |  Bildhauergalerie, Berlin

When is then ? (S) | Text / Relief / Music Installation, Video
ARTkustik: music production of soundtrack “When is then ?” | a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin


„Life Signs II“ (S) | Paintings | F.K. Gallery, Berlin

“Kunst im kleinen Format” | Group show with focus on painting | Heidrichs Kunsthandlung, Berlin


Sculpture Sculptures and reliefs Design Center Santa Rosa | California U.S.A.


„Life Signs“ (S) | Text / Relief / Music-Installation and soundtrack | F.K. Gallery, Berlin
ARTkustik production of soundtrack for “Life Signs” exhibition with live performance

“Festino” Group exhibition: Sculptures, Paintings and Reliefs | Atelierhaus Eiswerder, Berlin


„Freedom of form“ (S) | Sculptures, Reliefs, Drawings | Das Atelier, Berlin

„The hybrid of words and plastic“ (S) | Sculptures | F.K. Gallery, Berlin


„Kunstpreis Achensee 2000“ | Group exhibition: Painting Ratshaus Achensee | Achensee, Austria

8. Kunstmeile | Presentation of large scale sculptures in the Schönhauser allee arcaden | Kulturverein, Prenzlauerberg e.V., Berlin
„22. Internationale Kunstausstellung“ | Sculptures | Art museum Hollfeld
„The past decade“ (S) | Paintings, Sculptures, Reliefs | Das Atelier, Berlin

ARTkustik concert tour for Fete De La Musique | four live performances on four locations in Berlin


ARTkustik record release art into music | Exhibition of collaborative works Flores / Kettler  | Video, Installation and live performance. | Das Atelier, Berlin
“Faraway and everywhere” | Sculptures and Paintings collaborative exhibition with M.D. Kettler | F.K. Gallery, Berlin

7. KUNSTMEILE | Sculptures | Kulturverein, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin
ARTkustik concert tour for Fete De La Musique 19.06.99 | four live performances on diverse locations in Berlin.


„Arbeitsstätten im Berlin“ | Sculptures and paintings | collaborative exhibition with M.D. Kettler | Dresdner Bank, Berlin
“Summer show” | Paintings and sculptures | collaborative exhibition with M.D.Kettler

„Candle T.V.“ | Luminescent Objects and Installation | F.K. Gallery, Berlin
“Das Goldene Spanferkel” | Collaborative works with M.D. Kettler: installation, luminescent objects

„Assemblage d` amour“ | Mixed-Media-installation collaborative works with M.D. Kettler | F.K. Gallery, Berlin
Artkustik Concerts: Boudoir | Franz Club

„Last der Lust“ | Paintings and sculptures with M.D. Kettler | F.K. Gallery, Berlin

ARTkustik Concerts: Naunyn-Ritze, Ohio, Pfefferberg

„Vis a vis / BBK“ (C) | Sculpture | Ausstellungszentrum unter dem Fernsehturm, Berlin

FBK Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung | Sculpture | Messehallen am Funkturm, Berlin
ARTkustik Concerts: Berlin tour: Kulturbrauerei “Kantine”, Live- Club, Villa Kreuzberg, Noteingang, Ossi,Ohio, Siegmundshof


„Holz“ (C) | Group exhibition with focus on wood sculpture | Altes Rathaus, Potsdam
„Sommerausstellung“ | Collaborative exhibition of Sculptures and Paintings with Marius D. Kettler
Founding of Schlagmetall and ARTkustik, with first concerts | Altes Straßenbahndepot Moabit, Berlin

“Gold Rush” | Sculptures and Paintings gilded and tarred, collaborative exhibition with M.D. Kettler | F.K. Gallery, Berlin

“FBK” Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung | Sculpture | Messehallen am Funkturm, Berlin

“Auftact und Abgesang”
“Still leben” | Collaborative exhibitions with M.D. Kettler | F.K. Gallery, Berlin
"Harte Arbeit und Karger Lohn”
„Heiter bis Wolkig“
„Melancholy und Sehnsucht“ | Sculptures and paintings, collaborative exhibition with M.D. Kettler | Gallery Bellevue, Berlin
“FBK” Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung | Sculpture | Messehallen am Funkturm, Berlin

„Art Hamburg“ (C) | Sculptures | Art fair, Hamburg

„Grenzwert Farbe I” (C) | Group exhibition with H.J.Bonack, A.Brunkhorst ,O. Hahn ,I.Sauter | Sculpture | Treppenhaus, Schwartzsche Villa, Berlin


“FBK” Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung (C) | Sculpture | Messehallen am Funkturm, Berlin

“Neuer Kitsch” | Collaborative exhibition with M.D. Kettler | Paintings and Sculptures | F.K. Gallery, Berlin
“Mail Art” Paper relief post card contribution | Paris, France

„Kunst ´88“ | Sculptures and Objects | Congress Hall, Berlin

“Guitar art” | Group show to the theme “Guitar” |  F.K. Gallery, Berlin | with J. Kadel, C. Berent, M.D.Kettler, M. Beikirsch

“FBK” Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung | Sculpture | Messehallen am Funkturm, Berlin

„Surreale Malerei und Objekte“ | Paintings, Sculptures and Reliefs | Collaborative exhibition with Marius D. Kettler | Gallery Fredericia, Berlin

Solo Exhibition (S)

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