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1.20 Change the channel | 2012

Installation - 1.20 Change the channel - 2012
1.20 Change the channel is a multimedia installation created in 2012. The theme is "the collective memory", questioning the topic of the medial influence in our society and the possibility of individual empirical knowledge in a conformed and repetitive world. This sculptural installation is presented in the form of an apartment house, where in each apartment there is a television on with an identical program that wanders from apartment to apartment with a slight time delay. Segments of one minute and twenty seconds has been chosen from the past forty years of television broadcasting. This material is a mixed selection of short scenes from movies, trivial television shows, interviews with artists, scientists, actors, cooks, music clips, game shows, political and historical events including the first moon landing. The complete length of the video and sound material is two and a half hours, divided into a diverse one minute and twenty seconds sequences that could have influenced us and our individual memories from our past. When overlooking the installation, through repetition and the time delayed structure of uniformity, it is conceivable as to how much the mass medial aspect can form a society. Personal memory, reflection or just simple entertainment that could be our collective memory.

The materials for this installation are wood, paper, glass, styrofoam, LED lights, speakers, video recorder.
Measurements: 180 x 100 x 50 cm

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