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Dolores Flores - Contemporary Art -

The work of the interdisciplinary working artist includes sculptural audio-visual room installation, luminous objects, sculptures, text reliefs, video works and vocal / guitar performance. Regardless of the chosen medium, the primary component in all the works is the narrative and contemplative aspect.

Her works have been presented internationally at galleries, project spaces, festivals, museums and institutions.  

dolores flores installationen

In the deep under the sea

In the deep under the sea

In the deep under the sea

In the deep under the sea

Installationen | Lifesigns

Life signs is a text relief music fusion, created in the years 2002 – 2003.
This room installation is based on an narrative audio, visual experience, focusing on the parallel level of personal reception. The theme is contemplation, personal space and the transiency of lifes cycle. One poem, twenty text reliefs combined with a six song soundtrack.

Each one of the twenty reliefs are inscribed with text ecerpts of the poem.The reliefs are sculptural works with geometrical components. They are made in wood and styrofoam with a fine smooth finish, painted in a monochromatic pastel color scheme. Music is an additional and an essential component used to stimulate the viewers emotions and imagination.

The soundtrack for the installation „Life Signs“ is based on the concept, one poem six songs, composed in various styles of music. Each song represents a distinct phase of life.The first song starts with a recording of a heartbeat from an unborn child, the songs that follow are musical interpretations of lifes development starting from birth, through childhood, puberty, adulthood and finishing with death. Each song has the identical text though the musical compositions vary from each phase of lifes cycle. The texts are spoken and sung in the languages English and German. This soundtrack was created and recorded in collaboration with M.D. Kettler together known as ART Kustik.

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