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Art into music (CD 1)
Life signs (CD 2)
art-into-music   The multimedia artists Dolores Flores and Marius D. Kettler founded ARTkustik in the summer of 1992, on their art exibition in the Old street car depot, Berlin.
Their idea was to combine art, music, video and performance. Poetic, melancholic, atmospheric.
Their repertoire ranges from melodic pop oriented songs to spoken word experimentel and hypnotic sound scapes.
Influenced from classical music to punk rock, from chansions to folk all these elements play a role in the making of ARTkustik.   They have performed live throughout Berlin, in galleries and in venues such as Franz Club, Pfefferberg, Boudiour, Fete de la Music etc. ARTkustik is an ever changing and developing project, exploring the boundaries between music, and visual art. From self produced no budget music videos to music compositions for installations and performances.    
Dolores Flores: (American) texts, vocals, guitar, bass, keybords.   Marius D. Kettler: (Berliner) sounds, flute, drums, keybords, and sound engineering.