The reliefs from Dolores Flores are abstract works with diverse themes, surfaces and structures. The main focus on these works is an assembled clear and balanced composition, wall sculpture created for room presentation, mounted or hung.
The reliefs are all made in wood where through the configuration of diverse forms, geometrical or organic united create a motive. These components combined with a two dimensional surface with structures such as sanded surfaces combined with pure pigments or with a smooth and shiny finish utilizing the traditional technique of casien paint. Some of these these reliefs created in the years from 2000 – 20014 are enscribed with excerpts from her poetry.

Dolores Flores
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In the deep under the sea | Dolores Flores

| 60x86x9cm | 6,5kg | Holz, Sand, Pigmente | 2004 |

Some things take time | Dolores Flores

| 64,5x62,5x11cm | 5kg | Holz, Sand, Pigmente | 2003 |

Purple-Lila Sand Relief | Dolores Flores

| 37,5x28x7cm | 2kg | Holz, Sand, Pigmente | 1992 |

Sailboat Blue Relief | Dolores Flores

| 57x50x14cm | 4kg | Holz, Sand, Pigmente | 1992 |

Beige Sands Relief | Dolores Flores

| 57x50x8cm | 3,3kg | Holz, Sand, Pigmente | 1992 |

Iron - Red Sand Relief | Dolores Flores

| 109x78x4,5cm | 6,3kg | Holz, Sand, Pigmente | 1992 |

White Sands relief | Dolores Flores

| 57x50x12,5cm | 3,3kg | Holz, Sand, Pigmente | 1992 |

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