When is then ? 

A multimedia installation by Dolores Flores, 2005.

One poem; ten text-relief's made of wood, one video. The music is a quadraphonic, psychedelic soundscape. In the video clouds are filmed in time-lapse, the changes in the sky that are perceived incidentally create a contemplative atmosphere where personal time perception becomes the subject matter. Survival or evolution, the future or transiency. A poetic, psychological journey through personal space.
The text is spoken, whispered or sung in English and German.

When is then ?

When is then ? Wann ist irgendwann? Today, heute, yesterday, yesterday, someday?
Tomorrow, today, yesterday, someday?
365 days slip and slide, slip and slide.
Go with the flow, es geht vorbei ,you do what you have to do,
and you do it , do it!
Some things take time, some things need time, and quite often it
requires a lifetime, ein lebenlang,
a lifetime! Reality has many faces, faces you don`t always recognize,
faces you don`t always recognize.
Nothing stays the same, decisions can`t wait, decisions can`t wait!
Passion a vision, schmerz, schmerz, and a little pain. Living in here
and now, living in here and now,  wherever that is, jetzt, wherever that is.

Gestern, heute,jetzt. Yesterday is`nt today, today isn`t tomorrow, and
this could be then.

Dolores Flores 2005