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Dolores Flores  Walking the fine line   2006
A contemplative, illuminated, quadraphonic installation.
A narrative, audio, visual experience based on a parallel
level of personal reception. Music an essential component
used to stimulate the viewers emotions and imagination.

The viewer is surrounded by a hypnotic, minimal sound
scape. Recorded footsteps, one voice, bass, and percussion.
A confrontation with questions and provocative statements,
spoken and sung in German and English. Wo stehst du?
Who says what and why?, Es gibt keine wahrheit ! Another
kind of freedom. The theme is reflection; a fine gold line
leads the viewer through the room installation, working with
a theatrical ambience, exploring issues of consciousness,
individual, and personal. A twelve minute musical and visual
encounter, creating a dialogue with the viewer.     
measurements variable
wood, florescent light, gold leaf, plexiglass
Walking, walking, the fine line - Another kind of freedom - The truth? - You are what you are, are you? - Who says what and why? - Wo stehst Du? - Precious - Was ist wirklich wertvoll? - Freiheit