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Rescue parachute  2013

Room installation with video and 4.0 sound

From the exhibition "Amplitude of thought"

Luminescent and multimedia Installation and objects

The rescue parachute, a multimedia room installation and the multimedia video and sound installation „ 1:20 Change the channel“

These works are all thematically connected, the subject matter is observation, questioning society and individuality. Thoughts are written into words, they are spoken out loud and immediately influence our impression of reality. An existentialistic view and a playful interpretation of here and now, the future, expectation or acceptance of what will evolve with society in this rapid era.

An elemental part of the installations are the simple paper figures, full of physical expression named „the Beer People“ Each one is an original, folded and torn to form, made out of one single „tropfenfänger“. Incorperated into these works they symbolize a positive and individualistic society, searching for new solutions, asking questions, propagating the importance of the moment, individuality and freedom of thought.

Integrated in these works are messages and statements in German and English, excerpts of song lyrics and texts from Dolores Flores guiding the viewer through the subject matter in a contemplative and amusing way.

As personal will to life individualism is a desire to „be oneself“, a desire for independence and originality. The individualist wants to be his or her own maker, his own furnisher of truth or illusion : his own builder of truth and illusion : his own builder of dreams: his own builder and demolisher of ideals. This wish for originality can, incidentally, be more or less energetic, more or less demanding, more or less ambitious. More or less happy, too, according to the value of the individuality in cause, according to the amplitude of thought and according to the intensity of, the will to, the individual might.

Text excerpt from George Palante

The relationship between Pessimism and Individualism“