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Dolores Flores  One life to live   2008

The installation is a sculptural cityscape, four words: one life to live. The words are positioned separately, assembled into a circle. The surface of the words are printed with binary numbers, symbolizing our computerized age. Hundreds of paper figures are installed on and throughout the installation in diverse poses full of physical expression and individuality. In the center of the installation is a ruptured foundation, with groups of figures mounted on various segments, as if it is all in motion disarranged, finding new order, or falling apart? The theme of the installation is the transiency of life, propagating the importance of the moment, here and now. The figures represent a society on the search for new and positive perspectives.The narrative aspect combined with the philosophy that art can be seen as a catalyst for social interaction and understanding is a fundamental aspect in the installations when working with these paper figures. Each figure is an original torn and folded to form, made out the valueless mass product “ tropfenfänger” the tissue paper ring that is attached to the bottom of a beer glass, to absorb the foam drippings, a German tradition. This paper ring was the inspiration behind the making of the society the „beer people“.