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Dolores Flores

Dolores Flores (b. 1964) is American artist of Mexican / German descent

Born in Berlin, raised in Sonoma County California, U.S.A.
Since 1983 living and working in Berlin, Germany.
Member in the Berliner artists guild, Berufsverband Bildender Künstler, Berlin (BBK).
From 1983 – 1986 Art studies: sculpture, traditional techniques of gilding, fassmalerei.
1991 Founding of music project ARTkustik in collaboration with Marius D. Kettler, since then diverse music productions, videos and live performances.
She is an interdisciplinary artist, who works in diverse media: Installation, luminescent Objects, Sculpture, Video, Text-reliefs, musical audio- visual room installation and Vocal performance.In all of her works the narrative and contemplative aspect is eminent, exploring issues of consciousness, focusing on society, personal space, evolution and time.

Selected exhibitions:

Amplitude of thought” Multimedia Installation and Objects a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin

Strene“ Objects   Walden Kunstausstellungen, Berlin
Ping Documentation 12 Kassel“ Multimedia Installation, Objects Parallel to Documenta 13, Kassel
Random“ Luminescent Objects   a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin
Random II“ Luminescent Objects   Schiller Palias, Berlin

Out of structure“ Installation, Video   Walden Kunstausstellungen, Berlin
What is the name of this game ?“ (S) Installation, Video , Luminescent Objects   a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin
International Audio art music Festival“ Performance: Vocal guitar intervention to the Installation
„ Expectation and Acceptance” from M.D.Kettler   Gallery Suomestra, Berlin
KLAR“ Installation and Objects   a.i.p. galerie, Berlin
Kunst in der Krise“ Vocal Performance for Money Factory Project   Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

The Past and the Present“ (S) Sculptures and Reliefs   a.i.p. galerie, Berlin

Contributive Contrarians“ (S) Installation / Luminescent Objects   a.i.p. galerie, Berlin
Objekt Farbe“ Video, Text-reliefs   a.i.p. galerie, Berlin 
Berliner Kunst Salon“ Installation, Luminescent Objects Art fair, Berlin

One life to live “(S) Installation / Objects   a.i.p. galerie, Berlin
219168 Hours“ Documentation of collaborative works from 1986 – 2008 Flores / Kettler Video, Music, Installation
a.i.p. galerie, Berlin
Berliner Liste“ (C) Installation / Objects   Art fair, Berlin
Intimität und Entfremdung“ (C) Installation / Objects   Museum M.I.N., Honduras
UND #3“Karlsruhe Installation / Objects Plattform for contemporary art, Karlsruhe

Upload, Download, Overload“ (S) Installation / Video / Objjects   a.i.p. galerie,Berlin
Intimität und Entfremdung“ (C) Installation   MARTE Art Museum, El Salvador
a.i.p. Documentation“ (C) Installation / Video / Objects Parallel to Documenta 12, Kassel Treppenstrasse, Kassel

Walking the fine line “(S) Audio visual room Installation / Environment   a.i.p. galerie, Berlin

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder“(S) Installation / Editiions   a.i.p. galerie, Berlin
When is then ? (S) Text / Relief / Music Installation, Video   a.i.p. galerie, Berlin
3 x 3 : Drei Bildhauerinnnen, drei Bildhauer Small scale sculpture   Bildhauergalerie, Berlin

Life Signs II“ (S) Paintings   F.K. Gallery, Berlin

Life Signs“ (S) Text / Relief / Music-Installation   F.K. Gallery, Berlin

Freedom of form“ (S) Sculptures, Reliefs, Drawings   Das Atelier, Berlin
The hybrid of words and plastic“ (S) Sculptures   F.K. Gallery, Berlin

Kunstpreis Achensee 2000“ Painting   Ratshaus Achensee, Achensee (AU)
22. Internationale Kunstausstellung “ Sculptures   Art museum Hollfeld
The past decade“ (S) Paintings, Sculptures, Reliefs   Das Atelier, Berlin

Arbeitsstätten im Berlin“ Sculptures, collaborative exhibition Dresdner Bank, Berlin with Marius D. Kettler

Candle T.V.“ Luminescent Objects and/ Installation F.K. Gallery, Berlin collaborative works with M.D.Kettler

Assemblage d` amour“ Mixed-Media-installation F.K. Gallery, Berlin collaborative works with M.D.Kettler

Last der Lust“ Paintings and sculptures F.K. Gallery, Berlin with Marius D. Kettler

Vis a vis / BBK“ (C) Sculpture   Ausstellungszentrum unter dem Fernsehturm, Berlin

Holz“ (C) Sculptures   Altes Rathaus,Potsdam
Sommerausstellung“ Sculptures and Paintings with Marius D. Kettler Altes Straßenbahndepot, Berlin

Heiter bis Wolkig“ Sculptures   F.K.Gallery, Berlin with Marius D. Kettler
Melancholy und sehnsucht“ Sculptures and paintings Gallery Bellevue, Berlin with Marius D. Kettler

Art Hamburg“ (C) Sculptures   Art fair, Hamburg
Grenzwert Farbe“ (C) Sculpture   Treppenhaus, Schwartzsche Villa, Berlin

Kunst ´88“ Sculptures and Objects   Congress Hall, Berlin

Surreale Malerei und Objekte“ Paintings and sculptures Collaboritive exhibition with Marius D. Kettler  Gallery Fredericia, Berlin

Solo Exhibitio (S)