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Seek 2 Find Dolores Flores
Dolores Flores There are no Limits!
Installation and Luminescent Objects
a.i.p.südheide October,20th, - November,18th,2019
Photo: Walking on the moon
The story behind the paper figures named „The beer people“ from Dolores Flores

Dolores Flores is a sculpter and muscian who works and lives in Berlin since 1986.
 Since then her sculptures have always been strictly made out of wood. In the nineties she coincidentally created the paper figures „the beer people“ in an old Berliner “kneipe“ beer bar, after a band rehersal. The inspiration came from the tissue paper ring that is attached to the bottom of a fresh tapped beer glass to absorb the foam drippings, a german tradition called „tropfenfänger“. While fumbling around with this tissue paper ring, the „beer people“ came to life. What started off playfully has now evolved into a complete artistic concept.
Each figure is an original, folded and torn into form made out of one single tissue paper ring. On each figure nothing is added just the excessive paper is torn away, then the figures are attachted to a tooth pick, so they can stand alone.
All of these small figures, female or male have their own expression and charachter with diverse poses and movements. They are full of individuality, though each and every one is made out of the exact same valueless material the „tropfen fänger“.
The „Beer people“ represent a hopeful and idealistic society searching for new solutions and perspectives, promoting freedom of thought and action. The unfolded tissue paper rings represent the masses that are thoughtlessly waiting, as they just exsist as materiel orderly piled in rows. The theme is observation of society in our time, questioning the problems of  globilazition, mass consumption, medial overflow, the value system, individuality and social and eclogical discrepancies.
Until now over 6500 figures have been produced for these works : multi media installations, luminescent object boxes, post cards and video work. For every new exhibition a new generation is created.This is a contemplative concept where these paper figures function as a playful expiedent supporting the narrative aspect .